Valley cottage, New York, October 2016 - Sinsearly cuisineâ„¢, a leading provider of quality kitchen products and manufacturer of the Blow-Proâ„¢ blow torch continues to dominate on Amazon.

“I've had the opportunity to use the Culinary torch several times and it's really easy to use. I was able to finish my creme brulee off perfectly. The torch is lightweight and compact. It is also really easy to fill. I would recommend this product to a friend” Said Sindy in her Amazon review.

With so many positive reviews for their Culinary torch, Sinsearly Cuisineâ„¢ continues to dominate the culinary torch scene. Their latest addition to their culinary torch is a recipe book aptly named “totally torched” which has been quite a hit boasting over 50 culinary torch recipes.

“A Lot of time has gone into the production of our book” said their company spokesperson, “Since the launch of our culinary torch we have been inundated with requests for a recipe book so we came up with our “Totally Torched” E-Book which features over 50 detailed Culinary torch recipes with high quality photographs”

Having a book like this is a real advantage since many people are not quite sure of what all they can do and cook with their Blow torch.

“I was pleasantly surprised when i opened the E-Book” Said Amanda in her review, “To be honest i was a little sceptical about the claims that every recipe involved a Blow Torch but low and behold, they do! Well done Blow--Pro!”

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