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Using “moon knowledge” to plot everyday life 

Book Title: The Power of Timing: Living in Harmony with Natural and Lunar Cycles
Author: Thomas Poppe and Johanna Paungger-Poppe
Pub Date: May 16th, 2013
ISBN-13: 978-0615760148 (paperback)
ISBN-10: 0615760147 (Kindle)
Price: $13.79
Genre: Self-Help
Pages: 300 Available at: www.amazon.com

Thomas Poppe and Johanna Paungger-Poppe are Europe’s most successful non-fiction writers, selling almost 17 million copies in Germany alone. Their books, which have collectively been translated into 26 languages, are centered around the rhythms of the moon and how they influence all living things on earth. “Moon knowledge,” referring to knowing and understanding the moon rhythms, helps individuals in virtually every important aspect of one’s life, from medicine, to maintaining a household, to living organically. 

The Power of Timing: Living in Harmony with Natural and Lunar Cycles speaks specifically to natural timing, or planning areas of one’s life in accordance with moon phases, signs, and positions. Each combination of such correlates either favorably or unfavorably to certain tasks and activities; for example, housecleaning goes more smoothly under a waning moon, ideally on a Libra day. The Power of Timing helps readers transition back to living in harmony with nature as our ancestors did. Through reading the book, you will learn how to adapt your routines to a calendar of natural and lunar rhythms, finding improvement and enhancement in virtually all aspects of one’s life, including: 

- Becoming healthy, and staying healthy: learn how to avoid major and minor ailments
- Alleviating the after-effects of surgeries: promote a speedy recovery and prevent scar tissue build-up
- Healthy nutrition: get rid of cravings by attuning yourself to your body’s bare necessities
- Avoid dependency: break from the use of prescription drugs, curtail possible addiction
- Natural gardening: build gardens without pesticides, fertilizers, and artificial watering
- Body care: regain healthy skin, hair, etc. without the toxic effect of modern skin care products
- Relationships: heighten interpersonal connections and better family life

“To sum it up, The Power of Timing helps increase a general sensitivity and attentiveness to what strengthens and weakens the body and our environment,” says Thomas. “By incorporating this into your daily life, true steps to real success can be taken with a marked increase in independent thinking. The positive consequences can be felt immediately. Many dead-ends we have reached in our modern times can be left behind and true progress can be made towards a future that is worth living for any and all.” 

About the authors: 

Johanna Paungger was born and raised in a Tyrolean mountain farmer family. She belongs to the select few in whose environment a special wisdom was kept alive for centuries, handed down to her in its entirety by her grandfather, a healer and shaman as he would be called today. 

Thomas Poppe, translator, writer and traveler, has had published some 20 non-fiction works on a variety of subjects, ranging from alternative healing to Eastern Spirituality. 

Together, they have published 11 books in German and 25 other languages as well as seven different yearly calendars. 

For more information:
Websites: www.paungger-poppe.comwww.Birthdaycode.com
Blog: www.wisdom-keeper.com
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