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In fact, due to the price difference between the domestic and China, many people have had increasingly interesting with the inexpensive goods on the Chinese mainland such as the goods from TAOBAO which is the most famous online purchasing site in China. Let us take the price of iPhone4 mobile phone shell as example. The price of this product in domestic websites is about 30 dollars but the price of this phone shell on the famous China purchase agent is only 3 dollars so that this price difference has gave birth to people¡¯s online shopping needs for Chinese products.

"But there is a big problem for this market. It is that many people do not understand Chinese." the sales manager from the famous TAOBAO agent said. Most of the online purchasing agents in China do not carry out the English website for business so most of them could not directly sell goods to foreigners. The Free Shopping China is the first one who establishes the full English version website for overseas business.

Furthermore, due to the high cost of mailing and delivery, most of people should purchase enough Free Shopping China number of goods per time. Otherwise, the cost for postage is not a small number for people. In this case, if there is no huge price difference, it is difficult to attract people¡¯s sight.

Under all of these thresholds, Chinese local purchasing agency such as Free Shopping China has also emerged. These companies such as Free shipping are often first undertake the business by the establishing of the self-built website in English and then go back to find enough low price commodities from the national online supplier website such as small appliances, trinkets, crafts and other small pieces which easy delivery.

In addition, there are some China products which are not easy to be bought by people such as the unique China styles goods, ethnic decoration, handicrafts and so on. For this kind of situation, the buyers will choose the China purchase agent to help them purchase these unique products.

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