On 18th June, Airwheel launched its new products press release at Wanda Sheraton Hotel in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The all brand new A series electric scooters have brought many surprises to people. It seems that another revolution is coming to the intelligent scooter industry.

On 18th June, Airwheel launched its new products press release at Wanda Sheraton Hotel in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province. In this release, two new models of products were introduced to people, Airwheel S5 the personal “SUV” to consumers and A3 the innovative intelligent self-balancing scooters in the industry. With the consistent fame of a consumer-oriented enterprise, Airwheel seems to lead an industry revolution again.

The Airwheel A series electric scooter is designed with the innovative idea of adding a comfortable seat to the twin-wheeled electric scooter so as to enable the rider to choose a favourable riding posture. The ergonomic design of the Airwheel A3 makes the riding more comfortable and user-friendly. The advanced movements-sensing mechanism in Airwheel A3 will recognize the rider’s movements in his/her five joints or points; then A3 will analyse these movements and move at intended direction and speed. The seat is the pioneering creation in the industry. With the seat, the rider will save all his energy for what he will do in his destination. Also the seat makes the Airwheel A3 the perfect combination of traditional vehicle speed and power and the advantages of intelligent scooters.

If the above innovative features in the Airwheel A3 attract the least of you, the updates of hardware and software of the Airwheel A3 won’t make you disappointed. The top speed of A3 is now adjustable between 20 and 4 km/h, so beginners are less likely to hurt themselves in case that they lose control of the vehicle speed. The added electronic brake system makes it possible to stop the vehicle with just one finger. The newly-designed hydraulic suspension system will make your seat the most comfortable one you have ridden. The most expected surprising feature of the A3 is the smart control through Airwheel APP which can be connected to the intelligent scooter via its built-in wireless interface. Your life becomes smarter and more comfortable.

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