BRAZIL - All of us should know that most of the damaged bearings should be replaced under the normal circumstances. But for some high quality bearings such as the NSK Bearings SKF Bearings and FAG Bearings, we could repair it if the cost is not high. Today, the professional SKF, FAG and NSK deep groove ball bearing manufacturer which name is Wuxi Skybright Bearing Co., Ltd would tell you the repairing methods for the imported NSK Bearings. If you want to know more about this, you could browse their website

The first the wants to introduce you is the combination Repair law of datum transformation. Sometimes, the deformation of the design basis is too large and the damaged bearing cannot be used, we must choose some other surface as a base and we should also measure the size. For example, if the deformation of the NSK bearing is too large, it should be the basis of rotary components and re-processing the correction bearing body. And then we should depend on the size of the re-processing bearing body size to adjust the assembly dimension chain.

The second is the unchanged combinations repair method. When we are in the process of the repairing and adjustment of the accuracy of the dimension chain, we should base on the reference coincidence principle and only use a datum as a benchmark which is the design basis. On the other hand, all of other active surface repairing should regard this surface as a reference. This kind of combination repairing basis could make us easy to check the accuracy and reduce the accumulated error. For example, when we are in the repairing process of the speed hydraulic, we often regard the bearing body as the base.

Now, the engineer from wants to tell you something important for the maintenance methods of the NSK Bearings and SKF deep groove ball bearing. The most important point is that we should pay more attention to the appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics. As we all know, if the temperature of the spindle is so high, the machine thermal variations would affect the machining accuracy or cause the poor lubrication condition of the NSK Bearings.

We should depend on the structure of the bearings and speed and bearing clearance to choose a suitable temperature lubricant and require it has the good viscosity-temperature characteristics, which could prevent the large change of SKF Bearings working temperature and the ambient temperature causing the large viscosity change which would affect its lubricating properties.

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