China - Why the CBL products from Jinan Yunxing Chemical Co could become the first choice of many purchasers around the world? It should be their high level research and development team and good quality products. Today, the engineer from this China famous supplier will introduce with people the feature and the workmanship of their GBL products.

Engineer from Jinan Yunxing firstly introduce with people the properties of their Product Properties could be concluded into many factors. First, the boiling point of it is 204 centigrade. Second, the GBL liquid is colorless and transparent and it also owns the oily liquid odor which is similar to acetone. Thirdly, it could be mixed with water, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and ethanol. Last, the decomposition phenomenon of the GBL liquid will appear in hot lye.

The second part is the application of the GBL. This kind of product can be used to manufacture the a-pyrrolidone, N- methyl pyrrolidone and polyvinyl pyrrolidone. It is also the preferably antioxidant, plasticizer, extraction agent, absorbent, dispersing agent, color fixing agent and coagulant. It could also be used as the anesthetics and sedatives in medicine industry. Furthermore, it can be used to synthesizing the ciprofloxacin and interferon. In the area of agroforestry, it could also have a wide range of application. It could be used as the growth regulators of plants, pesticides and other intermediates. In people¡¯s daily life, the GBL product is also one sort of very excellent cleaner products. The widely application should be another reason why many consumers prefer to buy GBL from

The workmanship and working process is another crucial part which the engineer from order GBL want to introduce with people. Their factory uses the U.S. butanediol dehydrogenation that is more mature method in this industry. For the production process, it could be basically concluded into the reaction system and refining system

Chemical reaction system

The 1,4-butanediol hydrogen will generate the main product GBL and the vice-product hydrogen. The byproduct hydrogen will be removed impurities by the methanation process and then send to low -butanediol reactor for future using.

GBL refining system

The GBL products will first through the removal of light composition and them by the removal of heavy composition. When the purity of the GBL is reach to more than 99.5 percent, it will be sent to the finished slot.

After the above description, people should have fully understanding about the properties, applications and the workmanship of GBL products from If you are the real purchaser for this products and want to purchase the related products with low price, please visit the website before.

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