27, August 2015: In the cities, people are living a fickle life. People are suffering from the terrible traffic conditions, like traffic jam or huge crowds in the metro and buses, or the pollutions caused by vehicles like air pollution and noise pollution. Now Airwheel has introduced its X5 electric unicycles which have a quiet yet strong heart to offer people the convenient and comfortable city life.


The strong yet quiet heart of Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters are the powerful, efficient yet noise-free maglev motors which enable riders to ride the vehicle at a top speed of 18 km/h. The extremely efficient motor and the battery cores from Sony give the vehicle a long range covering 23 km when the X5 is fully charged. The noise-free and powerful motor offer riders green and convenient city life.

Airwheel X5 electric scooters are utterly powered by electricity, so there is zero emission of air pollution while riding X5. The extremely energy-saving feature of X5 indirectly cut down the air pollution because nowadays most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels. And the noise-free motor gets rid of the noise pollution utterly. The more people choose Airwheel X5 electric scooters, the better the city life will be.


The great convenience comes from the great portability and adaptability of Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters. Airwheel X5 intelligent scooters have small sizes and weigh only 11 kg. So even young girls can carry them anywhere, like in the cars, in the metro and on the buses. The strong performances of Airwheel X5 result in the great adaptability. On any tough road, Airwheel X5 intelligent scooter is ready to serve the rider.

The quiet vehicles also offer riders quiet city travels. Because of the great portability of X5, riders can ride them on roads where people only can walk. But don’t worry about the possibility of running into somebody. The X5 scooters are as easy to be controlled as people’s body parts. Riders can enjoy the city beauties they missed in cars or buses.

Airwheel X5 scooters—the quiet yet strong vehicles for people!

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