Did you know that research shows that negativity “lights up the brain” just as cocaine and other narcotics…positive thinking and affirmations  may be harmful to your dreams and self- esteem…97% of your thoughts each day are not your own AND limiting beliefs can be both negative and positive???

In this enlivening and enlightening book, readers discover how to move beyond what author and World’s #1 True Self Facilitator, Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq. wittingly refers to as “The Self-Help Trifecta” i.e. the Positives, the “Big Why” and the “Success Mindsets “into the space of Self-Expertise, empowering them to know which actions to take, decisions to make and what is “right” for them with ease and confidence.

The RADICAL Self-Expert makes the existing model of self-help obsolete.  Rather than conjecture, this book combines science, personal growth, spirituality and practicality.  It addresses the common assumptions of traditional methods then thoroughly and thought-provokingly, articulates why they are ineffective for creating true lasting abundant health, wealth, happiness and greater possibilities.  The RADICAL Self-Expert encouragingly and emphatically states: “You aren’t doing the “self-help, positive thinking thing” wrong. It isn’t the vision board (or lack of one) or not meditating for 2 hours a day like a Tibetan Monk, that keeps you stuck, feeling hopeless and wrong.  You don’t have to be more forgiving, beg God for mercy, make sacrifices or become “good” to have everything you desire.  YOU are enough, just as you are; unfortunately, you have just been using tools, that aren’t tailored for all of your “uniqueness”.   

About the Author

Want More DAYS FILLED WITH YAY, The Easy?  That’s what World’s #1 True Self Facilitatorâ„¢, Trainer, Coach, Author, Attorney, Tiphanie Jamison VanDerLugt, Esq. invites you to experience as the founder The YAY Me Universityâ„¢.   . Her Amazon Bestselling book- The RADICAL Self-Expert— The Fastest Simplest 7 Step Method to Discover How to Be Your True Self, Change Your Life Now and Be Happy Today!-The Easy Way. She is the developer and creator of 2 Definitive Self-Assessment, The True Self Test and the True to Self Test. Visit her at http://TheYayMeUniversity.com

The RADICAL Self-Expert

December 12, 2012 â–  Self-Help/Self-Esteem â–  154 pages â–  Trade pback & ebook

Price $13.97 â–  ISBN 978-0615742663




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