Beijing - In general, the bearing itself does not generate the unnecessary noise. The normal noise of the bearing such as SKF 6205 bearings is usually produced by the in fact the effect of vibration between the directly or indirectly contact of bearing main parts and the surrounding structure. This is why the noise problem of the bearing can be considered as the vibration problem of the application of the entire bearing. From the totally description about this noise problem from the article of website which is the best SKF 6204 bearings supplier, people could have fully understanding about the reason about this problem.

First reason is that the changing of the number of rolling loads will cause to the excitation of the bearing. When a radial load is loaded on a bearing, it would cause the offset of the load direction. The resulting vibration is inevitable but it can be reduced by the pre-loading.

The local damage of the bearing is another reason which could cause into the noise of the bearing. Due to operational or installation error, a small amount of the SKF 608 bearings may be damaged by the incorrect installation. In operation of the bearing, the damaged bearing component would produce a particular vibration frequency which would be the origin of the noise. However, the frequency analysis can help the engineer for bearing identify the damaged parts of bearing. This principle has been applied in the condition monitoring equipment which has been used to detect bearing damage situation.

From the description of the article from website, the third point should be the accuracy capability of related components of the bearing. In the accompanying operation of the fag bearing ring and the bearing base, the bearing ring and its related components may have such shape deformation. If there has some deformation, it would cause into the vibration in the operation of the bearing. The operator should pay more attention to this point.

The last factor for the noise of bearing of this article should be the pollutant in the inner space of the bearing such as SKF 608 bearings. If the factory run the bearing in a polluted environment, most of impurities may enter into the bearing rolling elements and be rolled by the rolling parts of the bearing. This kind of situation would be resulted in the vibration and noise. The level of generated vibration and noise would be depended on the impurity particles¡¯ number, size and composition. The factory should pay more attention to the cleaning for the bearing.

From the above description, people should have the feeling that the reason for the SKF 6206 bearings generating of bearing noise is very complicated. This is of course truth. In addition to all of these reasons above, the lack of bearing lubrication which could be the reason for the dry friction should be another important reason for the unusual sound of bearing.

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