Beijing - The damage of UV to people¡¯s eyes has slowly been valued by everyone. In this kind of situation, the special sunglass such as polarized sunglass had been invented. The sunglass which could prevent the UV irradiation could be divided into normal sunglasses and polarized sunglasses. The normal sunglass is the well-known tinted glasses which could be used for for blocking sunlight and UV. The normal color of this kind of sunglass should be brown or green.

The editor from website has told people that the biggest difference between the normal sunglass and polarized glass is that the polarized sunglass such as chrome hearts could be applied to prevent the reflection glare which would do great damage to people¡¯s eyes. The reflection glare could let people¡¯s eyes quickly become tired and affect the visual clarity of people¡¯s eyes. However, the application of the polarized glass such as Karen walker sunglasses would help people fully protect their eyes. This would be good news for people whose professional job occupation is driver, dancer or others.

On the other hand, the normal sunglass could only reduce the intensity of all of these designer sunglasses harmful lights such as the reflection glare which would have great damage to people¡¯s eyes. However, these harmful lights have still existed after is has passed through the lens of the normal sunglass. Frankly speaking, the feature and function of the polarized sunglass could help people fully block and scatter all kinds of these harmful lights such as reflection glare which have been produced by many kinds of factors. If people could wear this kind of sunglass such as Karen walker sunglasses and chrome hearts when they are engaging in activity which has much more light, their eyes would be protected very well. However, this would be very crucial for people who want to protect their visual ability.

However, a lot of short-sighted friends have had the concern about that whether their short-sighted condition would let them wear the sunglasses such as Karen walker sunglasses or not. For this kind of situation, the polarized clip which is one part of the polarized sunglasses such as Cartier glasses could help these short-sighted people solve their distress. In a word, the polarized sunglasses have many special advantages which the normal sunglass does not have. That is why people in today prefer to choose the Cartier glasses.

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