There is no doubt that the medical industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few decades. The growth seems to have been fuelled by the advancement in technology, and the dental health sector has not been left behind in this boom. There are many new advances made in dental services and the All on Four Mexico is one of them. The style referred to as All on 4 Implants refers to a method where four dental implants are placed to replace the teeth in a certain arch.


In this type of dental implants, the four implants are strategically placed in particular jaw points, while taking advantage of the already available jawbone material. This eliminates the need to go for any further treatments like performing bone graft procedures. The good news about this particular kind of implants is that, they are attached to matching teeth restorations on the very day and can be put into use right away without necessarily having to wait for any healing process to be over. These kind of implants are very useful in securing dentures that are either loose of ill fitting. The implants come with many benefits, chief among them being an immediate cosmetic enhancement. This means that you can actually afford a stunning smile on the same day that the procedure is carried out. You don’t have to endure temporary restorations that sometimes look as well as feel awkward. You also don’t need to be toothless for some time as you wait for the healing period to elapse.


The other very important benefit of the All on Four Mexico implants is the fact that the procedure takes a short period of treatment. It normally needs just a single dental appointment for the implants to be attached to the jawbone, as well as connect them to the teeth replacements.  You can immediately start enjoying the benefits of the procedure, without any need to go for many follow up dental appointments in order to finish a single treatment. You will also don’t have to undergo related procedures such as bone grafts. Given that the method used is minimally invasive, you will not be exposed to any unnecessary discomfort, like it would be the case in the traditional dental implant procedures. Since the procedure is simplified, this translates to a fall in the overall expenses as you wouldn’t need any more complicated follow up treatments.


Since the All on 4 Implants are normally attached through minimally invasive methods, you will experience very minimal downtime and hence you can go back to your daily chores immediately after the procedure has been conducted. The method also averts jaw deterioration as the implants replace the role of any lost tooth roots, which offer the necessary for the jawbone to retain its robust structure.


One of the most recent inventions in the dental health services is the known as the All on Four Mexico implant. This is a new less invasive method of doing dental implants, which normally take a shorter period of time to execute. You only need a single dental appointment for a successful All on 4 Implants procedure to be done, and you can actually go back to your work immediately after without any unnecessarily long downtime.