Airwheel acts as a leading scooter-maker in the sector these days. Throughout the whole history of Airwheel, it has rolled out many series sibbuce models, i.e. X-series, Q-series, S-series and A-series. Each series mirrors the shift of Airwheel’s focus.

X-series, i.e. the single-wheeled scooter, also called electric unicycle is in the main used for showing of riders’ amazing wheelie not least because of its superb agility. Up to now, the popularity of X-series does not so much as fade away by a flicker amongst the pro riders. Q-series makes a large stride in ease of use. And the S-series and A-series enhance the ease of use to their best.

From the newly released A3, it is easy to feel that Airwheel is entering the field of public transportation. The previous series merely goes for recreational purpose. The larger-capacity battery-equipped A3 is able to cover as much as 40 km on a full charge. Compared with the electrically-assisted scooter, it is more space-saving. The common electrically-assisted scooter takes up a large room with being parked. What worst, the biggest bugbear is to shield it from being stolen. A3 occupies a one-tile-sized space of about 25-centimetre-sqaure. The owner of A3 can position its A3 on its phone even though its vehicle is stolen.

By and large, A3 represents the latest technology in the whole sector, which goes to say that Airwheel stands ahead of time now. However, how will Airwheel develop its products? Think about the beginning. The X-series came into being against the background of the public cry for renewable and clean energy. The electricity power, as the clean energy, was quickly accepted and widely used. The adoption of electricity power in Airwheel scooter does not go beyond the public predicts. A3 still uses the electricity power. It is conceivable that it will experience a long time of using electricity power. Subsequent to the electricity power, the most promising energy might be the solar power, which is as clean as free. Except the rain, one park the scooter outside and it will be charged conveniently. Perhaps, this is the inevitable trend for electric scooter in the future.

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