Ray Ban Sunglasses happen to be in the market for around 80 years and are considered one of the most renowned brands because of its superb brand quality as well as big price tags. Ray bans are an iconic representation of style as well as comfort, therefore it is best that you won't spend a lot of your cash for fakes by getting an idea on how to identify fake ray bans. Whether you are looking for ray bans glasses on the net or in department shops, you should be cautious and careful in scrutinizing every detail there is to spot fake Ray Bans from the real ones.

Don't be fooled by Knockoffs

Currently, Ray Ban sunglasses are synonymous with high class style and glamour. It's no wonder numerous Hollywood personalities have a pair or two in their wardrobe cabinet. Quality as well as style will best describe Ray Ban sunglasses, and with its brand as well as huge popularity numerous Ray Bans knockoffs attempt to pass off as originals for unsuspecting customers. These replicas are mostly similar to the original and for the newbie purchaser who is fervent to purchase his/her very first Ray Bans and they would never know the difference. So, if you have been looking to purchase a pair of authentic Ray Bans, ensure you know what to check out to distinguish whether the pair is fake or original.

A closer look at Ray Bans optical sunglasses

Ray-Bans were very first circulated on the market in 1936. Prior to the first Ray Ban pair to hit the market, an American aircraft pilot in the US Air Force named Lt. John A. Macready got into contact with Bausch & Lomb (creators of Ray Ban) to make him a custom-made sunglasses because of the flash pilots have to deal with during long air flights. The years following the prototype's creation, the Aviator model arrived in the market. A lot of people in the US air force fancied this model due to the lens's power to block out infrared as well as ultraviolet light rays.

The Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses became an immediate hit, not just in the Air Force but in the Military also. This was when General Douglas MacArthur landed on the beach in the Philippines during World War II that Ray-Ban aviators were caught on photo and film. Moreover, the brand soon gained fame throughout the course of the years when film stars, politicians and musicians popularized the brand's reputation as a top designer in the fashion industry, with its constant innovation in design.

Find out how to Detect fake Ray Bans

1. Upon getting your pair of Ray Bans, the first thing you need to examine is the box it came with. Upon closer analysis, there must be semi-permanent label on the package along with a 'recycle' logo printed on it. The serial number of the item should be clearly observed, along with other particulars; such as the distributor and maker, the kind of lens and frame, as well as the model of the Ray Ban sunglass. If any of the aforementioned information is missing then it's probably not original.

2. Verify the case. There should be an engraved golden logo, and print which reads "Luxottica". If the print as well as logo are just printed (not engraved) on the case, or are missing, then chances are it's a fake.

3. Examine the correct lens of the sunglass it must bear the RB engraving. It should be high above the hinge. If the engraving falls below the hinge, then it's probably a fake.

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