08, August 2015:

A new unique thrilling approach to science-fiction:


Criminals, cheaters and frauds suddenly find themselves cornered with nowhere to hide when a brilliant scientist and inventor invents a new machine that - linked to a satellite - is able to spy on people he classifies as wrong-doers and read their computers and phones and spot them using satellite cameras. The only way out is to turn yourself in or play by the rules. Professor Rymann can see more than all law enforcement bodies combined. This is the first book in this science-fiction thriller series: The Rymann Series...

Brand New Science-Fiction Thriller


The Rymann Series is a brand new science-fiction thriller book series; in fact, science fiction has never come so close to a normal thriller book with everyday people that you meet in the street each day! The author intends to create a link between the usual thriller book and a science-fiction story. The second book in the series will be about time travel fused into a very normal life with normal characters.

The story involves several criminals and even next-door type cast of characters with one thing in common: they have something to hide. Professor Rymann intends to ‘’clean up the city’’ as he calls it, and using his new device he is able to find out more about these people than they care to have known and once cornered, they have the option either to turn themselves in to the authorities or own up for their mistakes or crimes, or even face the consequences instantly. In short, you don’t wanna mess with Professor Rymann!

The reader will also be possibly struck by the contrast between the geeky Lisa Rymann and the eccentric Professor Rymann and the other everyday people characters in the stories. In this way, this book is a great read not only for lovers of science-fiction but also for lovers of thriller books with a good amount of suspense and an investigative angle.

The Author:

Joe Ireri began to write when he was ten, more than two decades ago. However none of his works had been published until April 2015, except for one unsuccessful attempt a few years ago. His other book goes by the title of Horror Camp, also available on Amazon kindle and has been popular among readers of horror and thrillers.