China - The most popular online seller for Cheap Nike Shoes which website is has said that the Nike enterprise has recently released the outstanding achievement of the first quarter of the new fiscal year. The profit increasing of Nike¡¯s first quarter of the new fiscal year has been up to 38 percent. On the other hand, the operating income has been grown to 8 percent. However, the incoming of Nike in the Chinese market has been fallen to 3 percent.

In the industry view from website, the more difficult problem which has been encountered by Nike is short-term growth bottleneck in the Chinese market. In order to solve this problem, the Nike has actively made strategic adjustments to the selling strategic for Cheap Nike Shoes in Chinese market.

In the first quarter of the new fiscal year which has been ended on August 31, people could find Wholesale Nike Shoesthat the net profit of selling for Cheap Nike Shoes has been rose to 780 million dollars which has rose 38 percent compared with 567 million sales volumes at last year. The Nike¡¯s charge man has also said that the company¡¯s posted revenue is 6.97 billion dollar.

The reporter from website has also noted that the sales volume of Cheap Nike Shoes in China has also had greatly decline although the wholly selling performance of Nike shoes had great increasing in the first quarter of the new fiscal year. Nike's latest filing for sales volume has shown with people that the company's revenue in the Chinese market was 574 million dollars which had been decreased by 3 percent.

In fact, Nike had already announced in July that the Nike¡¯s sales performance in China would have great declining. However, they may not avoid this kind of situation. In the near future, this problem would be solved as soon as possible.

The professional investment advisor has pointed out that the Adidas¡¯s growth performance was not better than that of Nike. This is mainly because Adidas¡¯s failure in the Russian market. The Russian market has been regarded as Adidas's third largest market which could help Adidas have well competition with Nike. On the other hand, the downturn of the global golf market has also caused a greater impact to Adidas.

For Nike¡¯s downturn in Chinese market, some industry insiders such as Handbags Wholesale website have believed that this is mainly because the strategies of Nike. Although Nike does not have too much substantive channel development initiatives, they have also taken many actively measurements to adjust their strategies.

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