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As NBA league's greatest player now, James's popularity index could also be shown through the sales volume of his own jersey. Nowadays, his jersey has become the world's best-selling ball gown. According to official U.S. data which has been showed few days ago, the sales score of James jersey has been ranked at first location of global sales in the past a season.

For the normal status of the jersey sales which is topped the first ranking, James said that his own for the world's best-selling jersey could represent many meaning. "You know that a lot of people are concerning about me. These people include a lot of kids and it has the special meaning than anything. These children have set me as their example and I need to continue to inspire young people to work hard in the future life." James said in the interviewing with reporter, "I know that when you put on a person's jersey, you'll really like and trust this guy. And you believe that you can make some supernatural things. "

After switching to Miami heat in 2010, James has already taken some useful cheap jerseys for sale actions to dispel the negative effects, allowing himself run toward the highest goal. "I have passed a long way in my career."James said, "As a basketball player, I could feel my slowly growth. Since 2010, I really realized many things and I feel very humble and grateful for each thing in my life. People will always listen to my words that I was a kid from Akron and I feel so cool to have such a body and achievements. I want to become the exemplar for each people who want to fight with their fortune."

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