Beijing - By September 25 of this year, the selling volume of Beijing real estate has already reached to10, 346 units according to the data from the Maxview Realty which is the best agency for apartments Beijing. The insider of this industry has expected that the trading volume for Beijing apartments could beyond more than 12,000 units which could be expected to hit the new high volume target for Golden September of nearly four years. This should be the good news for the agency of Beijing housing.

From the current data from the famous Beijing apartment agency which website is , the cheap price Beijing apartments in suburb of Beijing is still the main project and demanding site. The data has already shown that top five popular Beijing housing projects are all located in the suburbs of this international city. However, the Beijing real estate project in the centre area of this city could not been afforded by the ordinary people in Beijing. The projects in the suburb area of Beijing City could be the best choice for people who have working in Beijing.

Meanwhile, since September, although there is factor such as Mid-Autumn Festival holiday beijing apartment which could affect the sale volume of the real estate industry, the transactions volume of national housing market of China in August remains to rise. The monitoring data of the research department of Maxview Realty which is the best Beijing apartment agency has already shown that the first level City such as Beijing has still kept the high speed rising. However, the increasing rate of these cities has already reached to 17.8 percent. In the industry of the Second-hand housing, the monitoring data of six major cities of China has shown that, the 21 days¡¯ trading volume of September has already risen by 8 percent compared with that of August. The increasing level of both Beijing and Shanghai are more than 10 percent. The expert from website Maxview Realty has said that heat of the real estate industry in the first level cities such as Beijing would be kept in Sep.

However, from the current overall situation of the market, although the large selling volume apartments beijing of Beijing apartments has become a foregone conclusion, the Beijing 20,000 sets¡¯ limiting price supply as well as other long-term mechanism may be introduced in the fourth quarter will be gradually inhibit the rate of increasing of Beijing housing prices . If people want to have one set of Beijing house with the suitable price which they could afford, they could browse the website Maxview Realty which is the best agency for Beijing housing.

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