Every professional athlete has their own tips and tricks or secret ingredients that have helped them to reach an extraordinary level of skill and peak performance. One of the most common and versatile tricks fits in the palm of your hands…hand grippers.

One of the most commonly forgotten and overlooked aspects of fitness is grip strength. The most surprising part is, is that every athlete needs grip strength. Grip strength goes well beyond lifting weights it is essential for tackling in football, holding a racket in tennis or even throwing a ball in basketball.

Every elite athlete has a well thought out plan and system in place which they must follow to help them reach the desired goals and perform at a world class level. “There is a science behind fitness and how the body performs” explains personal trainer Brianna. Every aspect of the physical and mental fitness needs to be measured and maintained in the lead up to an important sporting event. “This includes the small yet influential muscle groups such as forearm and hand strength.

Given that forearm strength and endurance is so easily overlooked having a strong grip is often the differentiating factor between an average athlete and an elite athlete. Can imagine having no grip strength or capability of holding something tightly in your hands? Now think of what sports do not demand this function.

Chances are you could only think of running!

One of the most recent and revolutionary ways to improve your grip strength is by using a exercise tool known as hand grippers. Hand grippers are a compact device that allow you to isolate the hand, wrist and finger muscles and movement function and as a result assist in increasing grip strength.

One of Amazons latest best sellers is the Supreme Squeeze foam handle hand grippers. Supreme Squeeze offers and reasonable resistance range making it suitable for a variety of athlete and everyday people.

Grip strength is a key ingredient in helping athletes of all ages and across a variety of sports to reach their full potential. Using hand grippers is a great way to incorporate grip strength into your training schedule.

The device is small and compact making it perfect for on the go, but most importantly it is affordable and it is effective at making ordinary athletes, extraordinary!