USA - The normal bedroom furniture has including beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dressing table and bedside cabinets as well as other kinds of bedding products and so on. For most of people, the selection and reasonable matching the furniture especially for the bedroom furniture should be a huge troublesome. In that kind of situation, the professional designer from , which is the best online flagship for home furniture such as dining room sets and living room sets with the latest trend, would let people know about the matching principle for bedroom furniture. Hope these advices would be more useful to people who want to decorate their lovely house.

First of all, the placement of the bed which is the most important part among the bedroom furniture is very important. From the perspective of home atmosphere, the bed should not be placed opposite the bedroom door and it is preferably placed on the side of the door which could help people ensure the privacy of the bedroom space. The bed size which is 1.8M * 2M should be the selection of most of young people. However, there should be much more requirements for the mattress on the bed. On the other hand, it has been recommended that the bed, bedside cabinets and dressing table should be in the same color.

Secondly, the number of color for bedroom and bedroom furniture bedroom furniture should be avoided too much color. However, most of young people are very personal. But, after all, the bedroom space is the place for people¡¯s rest and sleeping. In that case, people should pay special attention to the color matching. The number of color for the same room should not be too much. On the other hand, different rooms can be set separately color but it should avoid bells and whistles. This is also the strictly principle for the selection of the bedroom furniture.

Third, people should reasonable choose the bedroom furniture according to the bedroom size of the area. However, the large furniture such as bedroom set cannot be placed in the small room. Otherwise, it would be so easy to damage the overall shape and collocation of the housing so that the proportion of housing should be in imbalance and it would also let bedroom space become uncomfortable.

Finally, the designer from website has also said that people bedroom set should clever make use of soft decoration which could allow their bedroom present a different feeling. However, the atmosphere and feeling of room decoration and the furniture should be depended on people¡¯s own personality and character. But, no matter what kind of personality, the mainly principle for the choosing for home furniture such as bedroom furniture should be strictly obeyed.

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