If you are unhappy with your body, and if you are someone who has tried numerous diets and yet see no visible change in your ever increasing body weight then you can try tapping for weight loss technique. Tapping for weight loss is otherwise known as the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It helps you to achieve a healthy emotional state wherein your food cravings will be reduced. It teaches you how to remove emotions that are negative and works towards setting emotional goals that are positive. We all know that mankind has been dependent on the three basic necessities of life, i.e., food, clothing and shelter. Desiring anything in excess is an addiction and one of the common modern-day maladies is food addiction.


Food addiction is simply an addiction towards junk food and is in many ways similar to drug addiction in terms of craving and emotional distress it creates. Intake of high calorie food like ice cream, chocolate, fries, cookies etc. have an impact on the brain involving release of neurotransmitters like dopamine. The release of this chemical substance gives a sense of reward to the brain generating a satiated feeling that gives pleasure. The triggered dopamine gives a signal to the body to crave for more junk food and hence the addiction gradually develops. If you are a food addict then you can try out tapping for weight loss with an expert weight loss coach.


Trying out tapping for weight loss plan with an expert coach will help you to see the light at the end of a tunnel that has involved several failed struggles with food craving. An expert coach will be able to unravel the underlying cause of eating disorders and will help you to re-program your mind by removing all the negative emotions. The symptoms of food addiction include frequent food cravings, even after having a full-course meal. The craving can be so strong that you lose all controls and gobble down on food until that pleasurable feeling starts sinking in.


This type of food addiction can have major ill effects on your health. You realize that your cravings have led you to consume more food than what you intended to. Every time you feel the urge you start giving excuses to yourself on why you should have a particular food even though you feel full. The end result is you feel remorseful and frustrated as the controls gradually slip away from your hands. Having a tapping for weight loss plan chalked out can help you to transform yourself from inside out.


In order to find the best weight loss coach for helping you master the tapping for weight loss technique, you need to visit the Internet and find out more about these coaches. Browse through their websites and learn about the numerous techniques employed by them to help you fight all the negative emotions and emerge as a winner. In the process you also lose weight. If not checked in time food addiction can cause serious problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and depression. It can surely damage your self-esteem and make you unhappy about the ways things have turned up.

Seek the help of a professional to deal positively with your food addiction . An effective way to fight emotional eating is to adopt the tapping for weight loss   technique.