Having a hot tub at home is quite a common thing in present, what with more and more homeowners splurging on luxuries as this. But, if you want to be a person with an inclination for refinement, with a difference, then a wood hot tub is what you may consider. Remember how wooden furniture like the grandfather’s clock or the ornate center table hooked your attention every time you visited an antique store? Before the introduction of modular furniture, timber was the preferred material to curve out furniture that exhibit finesse and class. Experience home spa with a touch of style and élan with a wooden hot tub.


Dated about a century back, the wood-made hot tubs look like giant beer drums cut from the middle. However, while modern manufacturers have stuck to the classic shape, they have modernized the units by introducing water jets and massage effects in the system. Today’s wood hot tub systems not only offer a rejuvenating bath, but a complete sauna session through water massage therapy. The units are designed with technologies that can create a therapeutic sensation through hydro massage that promotes blood circulation and de-stress muscles. However, while these features are available with plastic and acrylic hot tubs, why buy a wooden hot tub?


This has more than one reason, if you’d like to know. Firstly, wood is health-friendly compared to all other man-made materials of hot tubs. A wood hot tub is available in cedar, oak and other wood options. Both cedar and oak make the best choice of materials for hot tubs because they expand and cause a water-proof binding for the structure. With an oak wood water tub, you can forget all about water leakage, thanks to their density. Moreover, a wooden hot tub curved out of oak or cedar slabs look royal, if your carpenter is good at etching out a rare design outside the rim.


Another reason why you might consider a wooden hot tub over the plastic ones is because of their natural fragrance. Buy a cedar wood tub and enjoy an aroma therapy at bath every day. Scientists have proven the fact with evidence that a soft and pleasing scent can calm your nerves down while bringing about a relaxing effect in your muscles. Cedar bath tubs are considered to be the best to use when it comes to taking an end-of-day shower that will drain out all your mental and physical exhaustion, leaving you light and rejuvenated.


Wood treatment offered by hot bath tubs is simply great if their health benefits are measured. They not only trigger sound sleep, but also exude a natural feeling. Aside, they are cheaper in comparison to porcelain and plastic tubs. You can have a hot tub built with the timber of your choice or buy ready-to-use units from any land-based or online stores. Since prices vary largely in land and online stores, it is recommended to obtain the tubs from the latter source for some money-saving.


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