China - America football would be the strange sport for most of people in China. But, from the research during these years, this kind of sports has become more and more popular. People could find many young people who wear their favorite cheap NFL jerseys. On the other hand, many world-class America football team has grown up during these years. In 2016, they may participate the Rio Olympic arena to send people surprise.

In 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, rugby and golf will become the official Olympic sport. In China, 80 percent of high-level rugby players are concentrated in the Beijing team. They have trained in this area for many years. The coach who wears the cheap Nike NFL jerseys has said that the popular trend for the rugby game in China has become more and more hot. They have more confidence for their future performance in 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

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In 2009, the International Olympic Committee had passed a resolution which had declared that the rugby sevens and golf would become the official sport of Rio 2016 Olympic. The Rugby project has been created for centuries. The Olympic news has already given the new energy to this old project. Now, people could not only see the playing of more domestic universities. They could also see this sport among some high school kids. However, this would be very good for these young people.

For professional athletes, the rugby seven would be more beneficial for them to show their cheap nfl jerseys good performance. In China, there are various forms and levels of competition which would help people find more and more good players and improve the all kinds of problems in the match. Moreover, opportunity to participate the international competition has become more and more. However, there are more many strong players who have already gone abroad to participate high-level leagues. Now, the Chinese America football is in a new phase of growing.

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