09, October 2015: Airwheel S5 was released on 8th, June, 2015. Actually, when we talk about the steel-willed man or tough gay, which person will come into your mind? Maybe Dwayne Johnson in the movies of San Andreas and The Fast and the Furious or Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator and True Lies will come into your minds. However, if you were asked to choose the “steel-willed man” in Airwheel intelligent electric scooter, which one would like to choose? Of course, it will be the Airwheel S5, a two wheel self-balancing electric scooter.


As a new member, S5 has many outstanding features, which need to be paid attention. Compared with the other members in Airwheel family, Airwheel S5 self-balancing scooter is made of special aviation aluminium alloy, being lighter and more durable, shockproof and anti-bumper. As a “steel-willed man” in Airwheel family, the fender holder is an indispensable part of Airwheel S5, which is exclusive for the elite. Airwheel exclusive fender holder is made of special aviation aluminium alloy being lighter and more durable with greater holding capacity.


Referred to the design of Lamborghini, the streamlined design of S5 intelligent electric scooter coupled with SUV metal holders, confirms to the spacecraft attitude control structure that is ergonomically designed for the comfort of the rider. Mounted with the 16-inch hub, S5 has better manoeuvrability and is much steadier. The Cheng Shin tire with unique tread pattern helps drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance.

With all the above unique design and equipment, the Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter is praised as the “steel-willed man” by the old and new customers form the whole world. And it has a well-deserved reputation. Airwheel S5is a personal transporter electric scooter showing the users’ higher dignity and taste.

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