is pleased to announce the Crowdfunding campaign for their latest product the Stellight app enabled bike light that combines cycling safety and fun.

Stellight has been on Kickstarter for a matter of days and has raised $10,000 so far towardsit’sfunding goal of $70,000. The Stellight Bike Light is an ultra-bright, app-enabled bike light that allows the user to set their own blink patterns combining safety and fun.

Stellight is a bike light that allows the user to program the light pattern of choice. By customizing the front and rear lights the Stellight brings a unique fun quality to road safety for cyclists.

The reason the Stellight was created was as a result of the need for increased safety for cyclists, by changing blink patterns, motorists are more likely to notice a cyclist in the distance and pay closer attention, more so than the usual bike with a constant light that isn’t as bright or as stimulating to the eye.

Stellight is also a fun way for the cyclist to personalize their bike as a number of different light patterns and brightness settings are available for both the front and rear lights.

The StellightCrowdfunding campaign still has 22 days to go and so this seems like a good time to tell you all about the campaign. The safety aspect of the Stellighthas caught the attention of many cyclists who recognize the benefits and also enjoy the idea of having fun by customizing and sharing their light patterns.

The technology behind theStellight is proprietary but the team behind the Stellight, have innovated it to integrate Bluetooth circuitry, allow the bike light to be controlled and managed by a mobile application along with hands on controls. There is currently a patent pending.

The Crowdfunding campaign highlights the shareable light pattern and burn time estimation, along with a number of other bespoke options and so far the campaign looks set for success on

The feedback has been incredible with people commenting on the sleek design, app functionality and Bluetooth circuitry and interest is growing. However, there is still more work to do. Once this campaign is complete, there is the chance of further developments and new product releases.

If you have any questions or if you want to speak with a spokesperson representing, the company behind Stellight, please feel free to contact Sherile Turner for further information.

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