Missouri, January 30, 2014: The US maybe the land of the brave and the free but there is only one city in it that can boast of being strong and proud – the city of Flint in Missouri.

Flint got its name from the River which sits nearby, the Flint River. As of 2010, the city boasts of more than a hundred thousand population. More than its size, the city of Flint is known for being the birthplace of General Motors. It is also the site where the sitdown strike of 1930’s took place which led to the formation of the United Auto Workers. Because of its size as well as its historic significance, it comes as no surprise that it houses a number of popular tourist attractions that people from all over the state flock to.

Some of the most popular place to go to at Flint include the Alfred Sloan Museum, the Bluebell Beach, the Huckleberry Railroad, the Stepping Stones Falls, the Mott Lake, the German village of Frankenmuth, the Whaley Historical House, and the Whiting Auditorium. Tourists can also take advantage of such events as the Michigan Renaissance Festival and the Back to the Bricks Car Show, to name few.

With so many activities and so many sights to see, staying for just a few days would not be a good idea. At best, you might need to spend more than a week in order to appreciate all the Flint has to offer, which means that you would need to book yourself early in any of the Flint MI hotels in town.

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