James Paul Jensen has released a personal and gripping narrative of his encounter with the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

While many books on 9/11 exist and deal with sensitive subjects such as the origins of Al Qaeda and bin Laden himself, the events before the attack, survivor accounts and the, no actual information can be found on the whereabouts of Al Qaeda’s commander just before the atrocity. Very little is known about his operations, despite the vital nature of this information to the safety of American citizens. Osama bin Laden in the US itself presents a disquieting truth about the wide infiltration of Al Qaeda and other such organisations in the very heart of the nation. Mr. Jensen tackles this difficult subject by giving us his own story about meeting Osama bin Laden and his cohort face to face in the most unexpected of locations.

Mr. Jensen’s story begins eight days before 9/11 happened, on an ordinary working day when he was running his convenience store on the Interstate west of Chicago. While the day began normally, it soon took a turn for the terrifying when a group of men whose cautious and guilty attitude immediately caught his attention sped up to the shop. Increasingly unsettled by their presence, Mr. Jensen was particularly unnerved by one man in particular, who he would later recognise as the terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden.

Using informal prose and a gently self-deprecating style of humour, Mr. Jensen’s writing style provides a contrast to the grim nature of its subject- the truth behind 9/11. Raised in Iowa, the author is, in his words, “a grandpa, a dad, son and brother”. A devoted and conscientious family man, he had a happy and childhood where he learned the values of the hard work, education and play.

About Osama bin Laden in the Heartland:
Osama bin Laden in the Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11 is a narrative shunned by the government and media alike for its frightening and controversial subject matter. The first book by author James Paul Jensen, it talks about his meeting with bin Laden himself.

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