Shanghai - Even the renting house also need to have some basically decoration so that the people could enjoy their daily living more and more comfortable and convenience. Today, the editor from famous Shanghai rental agency which website is will tell people some tips for rental house decoration.

As all of people know, the color will have great influence with human emotions especially for some single foreign friend in Shanghai. Therefore, people should not choose the, dark gray color for furniture and decoration colors and they should choose warm and bright colors, such as orange, yellow, green, blue and others which could give people a pleasant feeling. The color for furniture should be the original wood color and the curtains and sofa should in the light color. Furthermore, the renter could also add some colorful and lively meaning of their room by regularly changing of the back pad on sofa.

The editor from Houses near Shanghai British School also pointed out the importance of the choice of the carpet. The shaggy carpet can give people the feeling of safe and comfortable. The carpet on the floor of the room could let the heart of people become very practical.

The decoration style of Houses near Shanghai British School should be in modern style. Because modern decoration style mainly regards the smooth natural sense as the theme. The principles for this style are simple and practical principle. The European style and Chinese style requires a lot of space and lines and angles of these styles are very complicated. These style could not be totally applied into the renting house otherwise people have enough cashes. On the other hand, the over-size scale furniture should not be the best choice. The small one would be more comfortable.

If people only live in the renting house singly, their living room will easily become disorganized. Although the single living is very comfortable, the room order will become messy after a long period of time. Thus, people must separate the reception area, dining area, work area, and other functional areas in the decorating process. For example, people could purchase the cheap price screen, bookshelf or a sofa to divide into these functional areas. These areas could let the daily life of people become very orderly.

Do not have the feeling that the small renting house does not need such decoration! The good decoration could better change your life style and attitude. If people want to know more information about the old house rent in Shanghai, please visit website

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