China - In conformity with the spirit of making speech become easier and more efficient, the Guangzhou Vesine Electronics ( wireless presenter ) always occupy thye leading position in the technology research and development and functional innovation in laser pointer. Although different laser pointer has different styles and fashionable points, all of these products have the commonly features such as varied function, convenient application and good quality. Recently, Vesine launched a new product Vesine LP03N mouse flip laser pointer. Now, all readers could see the detailed information about this new produce.

In the outside shape, this product follows the conventional mouse design which could fully play human fingers flexibility. Although the shape of this product looks very large, in fact, the application for this new product is very easy for each people. Here we come to give let people understand the mainly functions of this LP03N mouse mini keyboard . The first function should be the slideshow flip up and down. The second function is the mouse movement precise positioning. Thirdly, the function of document in and out has been bonded in one button. On the other hand, there are other additional features such as Open My Computer, IE browser, backspace key and others. People could try them by their own fingers.

The most noteworthy point is the big red button on the LOGO onto the surface of this new wireless presenter product from mini keyboard supplier . When people first see this button, they will have the feeling that it like the off button icon on windows. However, the function of this button is indeed similar to its corresponding function Alt plus F4 on the keyboard. Recently, By the truly business information, this powerful laser pointer is priced at very low value. Each purchaser who has the related demand needs to pay more attention to this.

If each teacher could own one LP03N mouse flip laser pointer at the time of the classroom, their PPT presentation in each lesson will become easier. Whether teacher or other presenters are in every corner of the classroom or meeting hall, as long as one mouse clicking, the effect will immediately apparent. It should be the device that could let each lesson become easier and easier. With the help of this useful device, each teacher could abandon their long term occupying platform and then they could penetrate among students to let the classroom become more and more vividly than before. That would be terrific!

Each purchaser who has related demand for this product could get contact with vesine directly by the following contact information.

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