Houston Business Journal’s annual list for the best ad agencies has seen a new start with a fresh ranking criterion this year. Unlike last year’s list that was ranked according to the total revenue generated by the ad agency, this time the ranks have been decided by total number of employees in the Houston area. This year Houston Business Journal has counted a total number of six hundred and forty Houstonians that are employed by all the twenty five ad agencies on the list. 

Lopez Negrete Communications Inc. that has 157 employees holds the top position of the list in spite of dropping 34 employees from last year’s count of 191. Next in line is FKM with 115 employees working for it. FKM has included six more employees in its workforce in the past one year. In the third position is Adcetera, employing 70 Houston locals followed by MMI Agency, having 64 employees. Formerly, MMI Agency was known as Marion Montgomery Inc. Both these agencies have seen an increase in the count of their employees as compared to last year’s count of 68 and 55 respectively. Love Advertising Inc. completes the top 5 list with 39 employees working for it, a number that has gone up by two since last year. 

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