USA - Maybe the traditional TV is very popular at 50 years ago. All of reason for the popular of traditional TV could be concluded for several factors. First, in addition to watching TV at home, people have nothing else to do to let them happy at home. On the other hand, people could only see the video content on TV and the ad operators could only invest at the ads on TV. The video content owner could tightly hold the narrow gate of video entering into markets. Now the development of Internet such as the famous online TV site , this kind of monopoly from the traditional TV has already broken down. If people want to see the most interesting TV program, the website before would be the good choice.

Most people should remember the record company at last century. However, these record companies had already been defeated by the development of digital media. Some people would have the problem about that dose the TV will follow this trend? Today, more than 60 percent of U.S. households have already had broadband Internet connections but most people have not learned how to use BT to download free TV shows. However, if most of people know more about this method, the TV would be defeated in the near future. However, people could download their favorite TV plays from the website which could provide people for the free TV shows online.

The YouTube which was born in 2005 would be a good example for the former prediction. , The quickly popularity Free Tv Shows of YouTube has let the television industry realized the powerful of the internet. Although the ABC and CBS have also gradually released their video site during this time, they could only choose a limited number of programs of this station to broadcast online. On the other hand, these companies do not attach importance to the business website. This is the main reason for their decline. However, if people want to see the interesting American TV Series and watch Full TV Episodes Online, they could browse the website where would be the best place for this kind of people.

In that kind of situation, the Television industry has began to closely monitor potentially Tv series online infringing on the content of YouTube video. Some television stations have already chosen to sue YouTube directly. However, this method could not help them solve the problem. As in the dilemma of the former record company, if the television do not put content on the web, someone else such as the will do it sooner or later

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