27 December, 2013: The Truth Of Addiction Program is an evidence-based program that can help people who are struggling with common addiction problems. According to the program, the techniques in the Truth Of Addiction system are evidence-based and can help individuals with almost any addiction. 

According to the Truth Of Addiction creator, the current model of addiction treatment has a very low success rate. Many people are unable to break free from addiction because of the current model of treatment. A. Scott Roberts, author of the Truth Of Addiction program, believes this is because common acute treatment facilities are not scientifically validated, nor based on evidence. 

Those that have failed to stay sober after rehab know the perplexing condition of relapse. It is not only hard on families but also very expensive to pay for repeated ‘acute’ detox treatments -some costing over tens of thousands of dollars. 

The Truth Of Addiction program uses evidence-based techniques and provides scientific references on the official website found here. 

According to the author, around 1 in 10 addicts get treatment and very few of them are able to stay addiction free. A. Scott Roberts believes there is a reason for this: many of these expensive acute rehab facilities do not teach addicts to properly manage their addiction long-term and feeds the relapse cycle. 

According to A. Scott Roberts, conventional treatment models employ outdated methods that are not supported by evidence or research and most people who obtain long-term sobriety do it on their own. 

Mentioned in the Truth Of Addiction Book, the therapies employed by conventional rehabs are not scientifically validated. The acute treatment model has been used since the 1950s and continues today, even though scientific evidence contradicts the efficacy of it. 

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About the Truth Of Addiction Program 

The Truth Of Addiction Program is replete with references to scientific literature revealing techniques that can help addicts use inexpensive methods with high probability of success. 

Author and creator, A. Scott Roberts believes that people with addictions need addiction management tools because the acute method of treating someone for short period of time has repeatedly been shown to be ineffective. The recidivism rate at these types of rehabs is extremely high because they never receive the proper science-based methods to help them to manage their addiction. 

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