The typical feature about the high end surface tension measurement equipment

USA - There are many special features about the surface tension measuring equipment. Today, the golden supplier from all kinds of interfacial tensiometer which website is would let people know more about these factors.

The first feature should be the high-precision and high stability sensor technology which could comprehensively improve the reliability of surface tension and interfacial tension data analysis. Most of the surface tension instrument has applied the sensor technology which had been imported from Switzerland and this high technology could provide with people the different level of precision. The new technology could fully resolve zero drift and temperature compensation problems about the domestic sensors or Japan sensor. If people want to have the high quality surface tension measurement device, the website should be the best choice for people.

The second factor is that the surface tension measuring equipment has already applied the dual-chip processor technology which could fully enhance the reaction rate and the measured values. On the other hand, the surface tension measurement device from has also applied the high-precision sample stage lift control system which could enhance the real resolution up to 0.001mm and the repeatedly accuracy could be up to 0.01mm.

The third point should be the function of one-key to zero. The measurement of this device should be all automatic and the contact angle operation of this equipment should be simple and fast. This could highly minimize the possible ability of human operator error. On the other hand, the device has already using a variety of measurement methods such as platinum plate method and platinum ring method. This could provide people with a comprehensive solution.

On the other hand, there is also one particular feature of the surface tension measurement instrument. This feature should be the humane pre-wetting feature. This kind of feature could provide better wetting for people to test the oily substances. This feature is very good. Sometimes the initial wetting effect of sample for platinum or platinum rings is not good especially some oily substances which would be regarded as the testing samples. However, the pre- wetting function could provide people with a user-friendly solution.

If people could browse the website, they could find that most of their surface tension measurement surface tension equipment has already applied the U.S. calibrated temperature sensor and the temperature measurement accuracy has already reached to 0.1 degree. No matter where the people has located, they could only view the website which has been listed before. Their high quality surface tension measuring instrument with the suitable price has already waiting for each people¡¯s order and purchasing.

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