USA - The editor from the high reputation manufacturer for led light strip which website is has said that the U.S. Department of Energy which is also called the DOE has recently published a analysis report about the using life and reliability of the solid-state lighting product such as led light strip. In the report, the US office has clearly pointed the perfect way to define the system life of LED lamps such as led light strip.

Up to now, LED industry has had long period of time for the development of the in the systems testing and evaluation criteria of LED components. However, the industry of the led light strip could not provide people for a very feasible way to assess the expected life of the LED lamp. Although the lumen maintenance testing and planning standards have had great improvement, the quantizing for the using life and the maintaining of the LED bulb is still very difficult.

The reporter from website has said that the purpose of the DOE's new report led bulb should be aimed to define the existing standards and planning standards and point out that the existing defects of LED lighting performance. According to the report, today¡¯s sole elimination mechanism for LEB bulb should be the lumen attenuation and there is no standardized assessment method to resolve other components of the LED light strip.

On the other hand, the IES LM-80 standard in this report has also defined component testing methods of the white light LED. The LM-80 has provided the detailed standard for the lumen attenuation standard. On the other hand, it has also defined the component colors maintenance and color drifting of the LED. The IES TM-21 standard has also added new life planning approach in addition to the 6000 testing hours of the LM-80 standard.

However, this reporter does not provide the reliable measurements for the using life and planning solutions of the LED light strip. The report has also said that all of these problems would be solved with the mature of the LED and SSL technology. However, the LED product such as LED light strip will be continue to be subjected to the impact of a variety of mechanisms and the products would be eventually eliminated.

The DOE has also said that the industry condition will be likely to be improved as the product life has been LED light strip decreased from 30 years to 10-15 years. This is because that the trend for the improving of lighting is that the life cycles of the LED products such as LED light strip is getting shorter and shorter. However, the shortened life of the lighting products such LED bulb will produce more waste materials and affect the sustainability of this industry.

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