If you are a seasoned biker, there are few better ways to experience the thrill and beauty of the open road than a long-haul motorcycle trip. Riding with another motorcycle enthusiast ensures that you stay safe, have good company for your journey and cement some long-lasting shared memories. If you are considering a long-haul bike journey, then its best to start small - but for those with experience, there is no more challenging and rewarding journey in the UK than the journey from Lands End to John o'Groats. For the purpose of consistency, we'll focus on making the journey on a Triumph Daytona - a sports bike that combines power with road-friendly, lightweight agility.

Before you set off with a friend, I recommend that you invest in a pair of radio headsets so that you can tip each other off about potential hazards - and, indeed, have a chat whilst you're on the road. Part of the appeal of a long-haul motorcycle journey is the mind-clearing effect of solitude, but I guarantee that you'll soon be hankering for some good conversation after a few hours - but remember to stay safe and stay focused. You should also make sure that your bike is in good working order before you go. Make sure that your Triumph Daytona is well-oiled and checked over to avoid any potential problems later on.

And before you arrive at the 'starting grid' at Land's End, you should decide how you're going to tackle the journey. The Triumph Daytona is more than suitable for long-distance rides, but you have to ask yourself - "can I handle 14 straight hours on the road?"

If you feel up to it, you can attempt to tackle the journey in a long sprint - which would typically involve one overnight stop. The other option is to make the most of the stops en route and take a tour of the various cities and towns that you'll pass during the journey - stopping off for some sleep and a spot of sightseeing when the cold and lethargy has taken its toll. And believe me, it will.

Another piece of advice - document your journey. Make sure that you take plenty of photos - with the help of friendly locals, if necessary - and consider keeping a written diary, or even a video diary. You'll certainly want to look back on your journey for years to come, and it pays to have records of your achievement to show to family and friends. If you're completing the journey for charity, then photographs are particularly useful for promotional purposes. The image of you at John o'Groats, proudly sitting atop your Triumph Daytona, will hopefully be powerful enough to encourage others to undertake similar tasks.

There is one more good reason to complete the famously arduous journey. If you've just purchased a Triumph Daytona, trips to and from work or quick visits to the local supermarket will not give you a true impression of the power and agility of your new bike. Taking your Triumph for a once-in-a-lifetime trip across the UK is an unbeatable way to fully appreciate what your pride and joy is capable of.

If you are seeking a long haul motorcycle adventure, the Triumph Daytona or the Triumph Tiger 1050 are perfect choices for you and a friend to fully embrace the experience.