Carlos Condit's UFC 195 Live Fight Stream journal Where No. 2: Everything moves in circles

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his essay “Circles” that man’s pursuit of the great unattainable truth and perfection is constant throughout his life. The UFC 195 Live Stream legendary existential philosopher also described how the spherical pattern exists in both literal and metaphorical forms throughout the universe and reoccurs without end.

There comes a point in all things at which the end loses its finality and becomes the genesis for something new. This cycle repeats time and time again until an elevated mind recognizes the pattern and the circle is broken. Yet, before a fresh start can be had a battle must be waged, and it’s in that resistance where Carlos Condit has come to find a strange sense of peace.

The Albuquerque-based welterweight has come to embrace adversity as a gift on all fronts because within the fires of conflict he has found what he’s made of. UFC 195 Live Stream pursuit of self-discovery is voracious. The same process that has allowed the 170-pound wrecking machine to blend the intricacies of a finessed striking game with the kill-shot savagery of an apex predator are the methods he’s used to push himself beyond the limits of comfort to find growth and perspective.

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