China - The CCTV camera has been widely installed at every corner of our living area. This device could largely enhance the working efficiency of traffic and police department and greatly ensure our security in daily life. However, the news from website could give people another understanding and feeling about the widely installation for CCTV camera.

According to the latest news from which is the best supplier for Chinese CCTV camera wholesale, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) statistics has shown that the number of the using of surveillance cameras in UK has already reached to as many as 5.9 million. That is to say every eleven men would be watched by one surveillance cameras. British Security Industry Association called for stronger supervision for the using of surveillance cameras.

In former time, it has been estimated that the video surveillance devices such as CCTV camer in the UK were about 1.5 to 4 million but the actual statistical data is far beyond the expected number. In these surveillance cameras, there are 750,000 sets which have been installed in schools, hospitals and other "sensitive sites". Furthermore, there are approximately 13,000 surveillance cameras which had been installed in the London Underground network and each site has an average of 52 sets of camera. It has been estimated that each of the British people would be captured by the camera in a single day for about 300 times.

Notably, the Chinese CCTV camera wholesale website has also told people that there are about 2.7 million surveillance Wholesale China electronic product cameras in UK belong to private companies or individuals while the British government was lack of private surveillance regulatory measures. In this kind of situation, the British Security Industry Association has called for the introduction of rules to strengthen supervision. However, this suggestion is likely to face a lot of people opposition as they think that the surveillance cameras is the crucial means for preventing the crime in people¡¯s daily life.

The results of this report raise the accusation from the privacy protection organization. They think that the camera deeply influence the situation of British democracy.

"The monitoring action in UK is very serious. There are more than 5 million surveillance cameras which include 300,000 in the school. However, we are strictly monitored by other people and there would be few people who would think that this is the way for the health democratic society."

This phenomenon is not only the problem of UK. For other countries such as USA and China, the installation for security camera is also very popular. Anyway, the camera has given people more security life and social environment than before.

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