China - Because some of the petrochemical industry own very highly corrosive media, the general carbon steel valves will be soon eroded even these stainless steel valves will also be corroded after longer period of time than the normally metal valve. In order to solve this problems, later, people invented Hastelloy, Monel Alloy, Alloy 20 and others which had helped to solve the pipeline and petrochemical special problem because these alloys contain a lot of Ni, Cr, Nb, Ti, Cu, Pt and other precious metals. However, the resources from these preciously metals are very limited. In order to not influence the development of the petrochemical industry, people taken a lot of time to seek one kind of materials which has superior performance and appropriate price to produce the related valve products for the industrial areas. The PFA materials valves such as PFA lined global valve and PFA lined gate valve could be regarded as very good example for people¡¯s seeking in this area.

Now, the engineer from the famous China ceramic and PFA valve supplier FUVALVE (XIAMEN) CO., LTD will introduce with people the features and advantages of this kind of valves products.

PFA poly perfluoro alkoxy have excellent properties of F4 and without all disadvantage of processing like F4. This kind of material has good heat flowing ability and facilitate in the molding processing. So, this material has been also called the soluble PTFE.

PFA combines the advantages of F46 and F4. It not only own the excellent chemical resistance of F4 and high temperature performance but also could own the general molding thermoplastic processing methods as available as F46 can be and it is more convenient than the F46. PFA could be used as in the industry can be used as anti-corrosion lining and anti-corrosion coatings . It could be sued for producing the PFA lined global valve, storage tank liners, bellows, expansion tube, special hoses, films and the like products.

The mechanical properties of PFA at room temperature which is less than 250 degrees should be the same with the F4. After working for 2000 hours in the environments which temperature is 285 degrees, the tensile strength and elongation of this material will not decrease. The bending life of the PFA materials should be 2 to 3 times than the F4 materials. The PFA has better mechanical properties than the F4 materials. For example, at the environments where the inner temperature is 250 degrees, the tensile strength of the PFA is 13.7MPa and the tensile strength of F4 at this temperature is only 4.9MPa. The crystalline melting point of PFA is lower than that of F4 for about 20 degrees.

With such good advantages of the PFA materials, the FEP Lined Globe Valves and other related products could be already accepted by most of related users. If people want to know more information about this product, please get contact with famous China valve products manufacturer and supplier FUVALVE (XIAMEN) CO., LTD.


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