Chocolate diamonds is the wordmark that is registered to the Le Vian Corporation. The word refers to dark brown diamonds seen primarily in Australia. Jewelers discovered that the phrase ' brown diamonds' did not catch the attention of its customers and instead introduced the saleable name- chocolate diamond. The word came about because these diamonds have a dark chocolate color intensity and look like diamonds which are coated with chocolate. In the last five to ten years, the recognition and demand for these colored fancy diamonds has raised many fold.

The way to Purchase Chocolate Diamonds

A diamond is the hardest mineral known. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), there are four vital C's to quantifying and grading the quality of a diamond. The 4C's are carat, color, clarity and cut. When you are purchasing any sort of colored diamonds, it is important to keep the 4 industry benchmarks of cut, color, clarity and carat in mind so that you are sure of what you are buying.


The colors of the diamonds are identified by the spacing of nitrogen atoms in them. There are numerous shades of the popular brown diamonds that include cognac, champagne, cinnamon and honey. Their shades range from a reddish brown to golden brown. Champagne is a lighter version of the brown colored diamond whereas cognac is darker brown. Though there is a variation in the shades, most chocolate diamond jewelry runs fairly dark.

Chocolate diamonds champagne which is a lighter brown color is definitely one of the favorite ones with purchasers. The cognac color is also one other extremely popular choice.


The cut of a diamond is the shape of the diamond. One that has been well cut allows the light to be reflected in aspects from the features of the individual diamond like its fire and magnificence. This is specifically highlighted in the chocolate diamond engagement rings which are all the rage these days.


Opinions differ on the clarity of mocha diamonds. A number of people do not like the cloudiness of the darker diamond. Nevertheless, the darker color is also what makes the chocolate diamond a preferred alternative option from the conventional white diamond. A well-cut natural chocolate diamond has just as much sparkle as the white one. A part of the value depends upon the clarity.


The weight of a diamond is calculated in carats. These carats are broken down into smaller units referred to as points. An one carat diamond has 100 points. A diamond that has fifty points is equal to one-half carat. The value of the diamond is calculated by the carat of the diamond along with the cut, clarity and color.

Chocolate Diamonds Popular Patterns

The popularity of chocolate diamonds has increased as people are seeking alternatives to the conventional white diamond jewelry. In fact, treating white diamonds to produce chocolate colored diamonds is a very common practice. This method does change the value of the stone though. Of course, a natural gemstone carries much more value as the natural quality is real and authentic. That does not, however, mean that you cannot buy a high quality chocolate diamond which has been treated and still have an outstanding and also valuable piece of jewelry. Treatment is also employed to enhance the quality of the diamond. The process of extreme heat and irradiation is employed to improve the clarity or to remove imperfections. This process permanently alters the diamond but brings out the color properties in them much more brilliantly.

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