20 August, 2014: White House Tennessee – When one hears the word, “White House”, the first thing that comes to mind is that of the famed government building in Washington. In truth, however, White House can also refer to a small town in Tennessee known for upholding its heritage.

The city of White House is located within the counties of Robertson and Sumner. The area got its name from the fact that, back in the days, the house built by Richard Stone Wilks was the prominent feature of the area. The said house was of two stories and featured an all-white paint; thus, the name. Today, the original White House has been torn down and has been replaced by a replica which houses the library, a museum, and the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

White House currently hosts a number of tourist attractions. Some of these would include Goodlettsville Park, the Trinity Music City, the General Jackson Showboat, and the Grand Ole Opry. With so many sites and sights to enjoy, a visit to White House would mean staying within the city for more than a day or two. To better enjoy all of this, you need to make sure that you book yourself in any of the hotels in White House TN. One White House TN hotel that you might want to consider is the Best Western Plus White House.

As with any White House branch, guests get to enjoy such amenities as indoor heated pool, high speed Internet, use of the business center, free parking, and cable TV in each of the non-smoking rooms.

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