01 August, 2014: Facebook nowadays is almost the internet already; it is actually linked to almost everything on the internet as of now! Facebook has been the most trending among all of the sites on the internet, and is also known to be the most functional website on the internet because of its ‘social media capabilities’. Facebook is known to have gained a good IPO because of the many advertisements and links that it has to numerous sites, together with the fact that young people really see the site as an awesome and cool one to visit. Facebook is also fast when it comes to its improvement; just like how the internet has become for many people nowadays in terms of free and fast information.

Facebook said that their earnings during the final quarter of June will surely exceed the Wall Street and might as well beat Google which is known to be their rival in business. It is well known that Google and Facebook became differentiated because of this since Google is mostly considered as an e-mail service and a search engine that Facebook users even use! Facebook is really amazing because it is more flexible than any other kind of website since if connects people together with the use of the virtual world where the distance is ignored.

For more reasons for Facebook’s success, the companies that purchase advertisements on Facebook have said that they earned a good amount from Facebook even during the second quarter of June. Wall Street was actually expecting that they will see a whopping $2.8 billion for the revenue. This will be a more than 50% increase every single year! For sure, Facebook will be conquering the Unites States when it comes to the digital advertising marked, and will be considered as the biggest marketing machine that people can use for earning good business.

Facebook has also lots of activities to do such as its great share with Instagram for advertisements — Instagram is also a well-known site for advertising businesses via social media! Facebook is also photo sharing, and for sure Instagram will link to that since they focus on pictures as well! Facebook will also compete in the mobile world because they are planning to shift to mobile as well n order to fully provide free Facebook for everyone. They will also create more reasons for more businesses to purchase ads in an easy way through the use of their service. With this, many people will earn more money, plus they will also get to share the blessings with their peers through the use of their services. Facebook is a great site to try out, and is a good source for earning a business, so make sure to register now!

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