30, June 2016: Android is undoubtedly the best operating system in today's mobile era. Though, it get tough competition with iOS, still it is the most used Mobile OS these days. And not just mobile phones, even smart-watches and other wearable devices too.

The latest version of Android is Android Marshmallow with the version number being 6.0.x (x for minor updates). However, in a very interesting survey results which appeared in 2016 reveals that 7.5 % percent of the devices are running on the latest version of Android i.e. Android Marshmallow. Still, a majority of devices are running older version of Android with 35.6% percent of devices running Android Lollipop (5.0.x and 5.1.x), followed by Android KitKat with 32.5 % of devices.

Interestingly, below were some of the reasons found behind people not using current/latest version of Android:

1. They are not aware about a new version and its feature.
2. They are aware about new version, but their devices did not recieve an update (on the air).
3. Their device isn't capable of handling the new version.
4. They are happy with the version they are using.

Out of the above four reasons, the second reason i.e. "They are aware about new version, but their devices did not recieve an update (on the air)" has highest votes with almost 75% users. In their case, it is not awareness problem. Neither its their device which can't handle new version. But the actual problem is that they do not know how to install latest version of Android themselves or they find it risky enough that they don't attempt to install.

To solve this problem, TheDroidCity which is a pioneer Android based website which provides users with 'step by step' guide to install latest version of Android, have taken another step and have setup "TDC Android Lab" in Delhi-NCR region of India. With India being one of the largest mobile user base in the world, they aim at helping users by providing newer version of Android on their existing device.

TDC Lab expert Ankit says " Over 4/5th of all the problems related to mobile phones are 'Software Issues' rather than a 'Hardware Problem'. And with TDC Lab, we are looking to help people for free by providing Android updates and procedure to upgrade Android".

TDC Lab is now started in Delhi-NCR region and they soon look to expand. If you want an update from any location in the world, you can visit TheDroidCity.com