Cannes is a city that needs no introduction — it is always on the celebrity map thanks to the annual film festival. And of course, it is the most famous location in the French Riviera and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Needless to say it is an expensive place to be in — everything seems to cost more here. So, if you are looking for a taxi à Cannes you should be prepared to pay more than what you will pay in the other cities in France. But then, it is not just the taxi that is expensive and a taxi does come with its benefits.



The nearest airport is at Nice and it’s located about 15 miles from Cannes. The airport may be small but it handles about 10 million passengers per year. When you come out of the airport you will not find it difficult to hire a taxi. There will be the taxi stand outside the airport. For about €70 you should be able to reach Cannes. You can also look for shared transport from Nice Airport. For €24 you can be transported to your destination. This service is available every 60 minutes. But of course you will have a much better experience in a private taxi and the journey to Cannes will be amazing. And once you are here you start living a different life altogether.



There are three ways you can hire a taxi à Cannes. Taxi stands are there throughout the city and for hiring a taxi from one of the stands you simply need to go there. You can find out your nearest taxi stand on the map in your smartphone or the city map. The other option is to call for a taxi. There are radio taxis available in Cannes that can be booked on the phone. The third option is to ask your hotel to arrange for a taxi. This option is definitely the most convenient but it could be very expensive too. Some hotels add anywhere between €25 and €30 to the taxi fare as convenience charge. So, it is best to ask them about these charges before you order for a taxi.



You can also find some taxis on the road and you can flag them down. The only issue with this arrangement is that free taxis on the road in Cannes are not very common and even if you find one you may have to haggle with them. So I wouldn’t really recommend this way hiring a taxi à Cannes.



Just be aware of the fact that a taxi à Cannes can be rather expensive. The minimum taxi fare could be in the region of €80. And if you decide to take the scenic route it could be more expensive. But then people go to Cannes to splurge. So if you spend more on your taxi fare it shouldn’t really bother you. Cannes has enough things to make you forget about life in general. Forget the money part for the best experience.



A taxi à Cannes  can be expensive but that is expected. To find out more about taxis in Cannes click on .