20, August 2015: What is the longest “journey” in the life? It’s going somewhere far away and only walk is available. For example, in the large university campus or in the large office or factory buildings, students and office workers will be greatly tired because of walking to the places they want to go. Now, Airwheel intelligent scooters are the vehicles which help people solve the problems of long distance walk. Airwheel X6 electric unicycles are the high-end model in Airwheel family, and they are also the most suitable scooters replacing walk for riders.


Airwheel X6 intelligent scooters are the newest model in Airwheel X series electric unicycles. With only single wheels, Airwheel X6 are the most portable model in Airwheel family. The weight of Airwheel X6 is only 11.5 kg and the size of it is 480*450*180 mm. It’s no bigger than a bag. The single wheels of the Airwheel X6 electric scooters have a large wheel hub of 16 inch, which is the guarantee of the stability for traveling. The battery cores of Airwheel X6 come from Sony and can be fully charged within only 90 mins. The ultra-quiet maglev motor is powerful enough to bear the burden as heavy as 120 kg. But don’t worry about the range because the motor is extremely efficient to cover 100 km with only 1 kWh.


Small size and powerful performances, what else people need for replacing their walk? It’s the convenience of stopping and going on travel anytime. And this is what the built-in operating system can offer riders. The built-in operating system is powered by the intelligent CPU inside. The control styles of Airwheel X6 is user-friendly and riders can stop and go on traveling anytime they want.

Take Airwheel intelligent scooters and forget the tiredness of long-distance walk.

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