Loads of people wind up having warts and skin tags without ever knowing what is in fact causing them, and for those of you wondering it is actually a viral infection that causes these skin conditions. You are also going to see that these are actually something that can wind up being contagious, meaning you can transfer this infection to other men and women. When it comes to the actual cause of this issue you are going to find that there is one thing in particular that causes this condition in folks. You're going to find out how to prevent these warts and skin tags, and in addition treat current warts and skin tags that you may have in this post.

The first thing you ought to be aware of is that the primary cause for individuals having skin tags and warts is the fact that they are potassium deficient. You should understand that by consuming potassium rich foods such as bananas will enable you to reduce or eradicate the risks of more of these skin conditions. Needless to say I ought to mention that this is not actually going to take care of the warts and skin tags that you currently have, but it's going to be an approach to prevent new ones from appearing.

Apple cider vinegar will be one of the primary ways that you could actually end up eradicating current skin tags and warts from your body. The first thing you're going to have to do is wash the affected area with warm water before you actually put on the apple cider vinegar to the affected areas. Once the area on your skin is clean, you should use a cotton ball in order to apply the apple cider vinegar to the skin tags as well as warts you have on your body. At this stage you want to leave this on your skin and give it time to dry and set there for 15 minutes before rinsing it off by using plain water. If you do this twice a day for a few days you are going to probably find that your own warts or skin tank will be greatly diminished.

Other people have had amazing success by a dissolving aspirin in water and placing this solution on the affected areas, after which they cover it with a bandage or a band-aid. This treatment is something else which can be incredibly successful with regards to the removing warts and skin tags if you use it twice each day.

Needless to say you should be aware that these treatments haven't been successful for everyone but a lot of people have discovered that this is actually a great way for them to remove the skin tags and warts from their bodies. Needless to say the best way to contend with skin tags and warts is to make sure you never get them to start with, and this can be achieved by eating a diet that is rich in potassium.

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