SEO is not just about a series of strategies that can make some adjustments in your Google page position, but also a line of things avoided to get results of optimization. While most articles talk about the list of things that can culminate into a better site ranking, this articles states the things to be avoided in SEO to enable good results. ranks improvements are possible when you performed Internet marketing in the right manner. Here are some don’t of SEO that facilitate rank improvement and ensure results within a short time.


It might sound weird to most people, but one of the bizarre optimization strategies is to hide links and texts by suing the same color as the background to write them. It might work in their minds, but the robots are not be easily fooled. They can detect texts in any color or font, sending all the camouflaging attempts in vain. ranks improvements require you to feature your comments and links making them readable to the visitors. The bots will only consider them when the comments you have made (tagged with your website URL) have been visited by viewers.


Site cloaking is another technique that often fails, with dire results. Not only does it fail to facilitate rank improvement, but also send devious signals to the bots causing the sites to be counted as the ones practicing ill techniques. Another thing about Internet marketing is that people prefer to consider content marketing as their primary initiation to e-advertising. While this is a good idea, sometimes it fails because of poor quality content. Well-written and information content not only has an effect on ranks improvements, but it also improves the reputation of your site in the cyber sphere as a platform that caters valuable info.


Instead, if you take a shortcut and choose to fill in the page with texts that does not make such sense, then hopes of rank improvement can be relinquished with publishing. It will not only have nil effects, but will also hurt the ranking of your site in the long run. It’ll annoy the readers who click in hoping to collect useful information and instead are catered with a plateful of gibberish. Also, do not hire content providers who thrive on rephrasing and rewording of content. Fresh, quality and original content alone can bring about the desired result with promises of sustenance. Sticking to the context is equally important.


Use of automated programs is strictly forbidden to enquire Google. This is an outright violation of the search giant’s terms and conditions as most do not know. Last, but not the least, misleading practices should be avoided by all means as they have the potential to bring down your site in a snap. Google bots take violation of its SEO rites too seriously and can whisk your site from number one position to the last in the list if it detects any foul play.



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