When it comes to entertaining friends and family, absolutely nothing really beats outdoor braais. There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind if you're planning this kind of a gathering.

The weather

In South Africa, the weather rarely plays fair. You might have been planning one of your outside braais for weeks and the day arrives and it is the type of overcast that you know will probably be bringing a lot of heavy rain with it. Which means that you have to have an alternative spot to put your braai to be able to still be outside, but not be exposed to the actual rain.

The food

It is crucial that you make certain you have enough food. Most people choose the bring and braai idea because this means that everyone brings along precisely what they want to eat and then leaves the actual leftovers behind for you to have for lunch as well as supper for the following week or so. Exactly what most people do not bring is snacks to consume while the meat is being cooked. It's usually seen as the host's responsibility. Therefore make sure that you have sufficient snacks to keep individuals occupied.

The fire

There is little point to outside braais if the fire is not done correctly. You don't want to build a fire that's too hot to prepare the actual meat upon and will burn out without cooling down, however, you additionally don't want a fire that will not get hot enough to cook the actual meat until it's midnight. Watch and learn from individuals who know how to set braai fires and make sure you get yours accomplished the proper way. Do not be ashamed to get the guests that will help you with the fire, most people that know how to get it done could be more than pleased to help you out.

Outside braais are an easy way to get family and friends together and make an excellent meal at the same time. Just be sure that you think of everything that you can prior to going ahead and starting.

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