If you are thinking of using article spinning software you should be aware that it has a number of potential disadvantages. Included in this are these:

1)It would appear from the latest press coverage that Google is going to be taking more of a dim outlook of spun and spam content than before. If you are generating an income from adsense, you could possibly lose your account in the event that your internet site doesn't feature quality original content. You are quite likely to lose your standings at the same time that is certainly a concern if your main source of traffic is free methods.

2)Webmasters who use article directories as a method of obtaining traffic rather than purely for back links should remember that individuals are not going to check out ten different versions of the same article. They are also much less likely to find spun articles appealing and informative except if you have used effectively your article spinning software correctly.

3)If you are looking to develop your brand on the web you have to be careful what type of content is connected with that brand. Do you want your viewers and prospective customers to notice poorly spun illegible content?

4)Why do people browse the internet? Usually to find information on a particular subject matter or even reviews on a product they are thinking of buying. They do not want to have to browse through pages of poorly written articles trying to find the information. If you produce well written and engaging content on your site that serves the purposes of your website visitors do you think you may well be rewarded with higher rankings?

Do the above details mean that article spinning software is a bad investment? No of course not but it should be looked upon as a tool. One that when used correctly could save you a lot of time and effort and result in a healthier bottom line. However if article spinning software is used incorrectly, it could destroy your business.

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