Jewelry expert and founder of a leading online colored diamond jewelry store, Steven Gad, shared just how important it actually is to be cautious while choosing the right purple diamond for yourself or your significant other instead of choosing something that simply looks amazing and beautiful.

“There are not as many purple diamond experts as there are sellers,” the founder said with a knowing smile. “Not many people disclose information about a colored diamond’s origin and have as much extensive and hands-on experience as we do,” Gad said, adding, “The fact that purple diamonds are usually found paired with secondary color modifiers makes them even rarer in relation to their market value.” has extensive collective experience with natural purple diamonds, which obtain their color from the same process that helps red and pink diamonds acquire their mesmerizing colors.

What customers might not know is that there are many shades available for purple diamond jewelry rather than just one consistent color of purple. Shades or, as they are called, intensities of purple diamonds range from Faint to Fancy Deep. The more intense the color and combination gets, the rarer and pricier the purple diamond jewelry will be, according to the founder of the online colored diamond jewelry store.

“At, we know precisely what differentiates purple diamonds from the rest and that is the exact reason we have one of the most diverse product lines of purple diamond jewelry,” Gad said. “On our website, you don’t just pick what looks pretty, you’re actually given a chance to understand what purple diamonds truly are and carefully select the one that speaks to you most from our authentic purple diamond collection.”

To meet the ever-increasing demand of purple diamond jewelry, dedicated a large section of its website to this type of diamond, which they are immensely proud of. “These diamonds also make a great gift,” Gad said.

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