This Independence Day MOVIES NOW presents Men of Honor

~ Catch the special programming line-up on 15th August 2013 11am onwards~


August12th, 2013:Courage, strength and bravery are the qualities that separate the men from the boys. This Independence Day, MOVIES NOW, salutes those who know no fear and wouldn’t hesitate to protect the innocent. With hits like Fantastic 4, Constantine, The Departed and Die another Day, don’t miss this outstanding line-up on 15th August 2013, 11am onwards.


Catch the all-time favorites upper hero team Fantastic 4 combat their worst enemy till date. On tracing the cosmic energy of the powerful Silver Surfer- the team realizes that every planetthe alien visits has been destroyed! The Superhero clan soon learns that the Silver Surfer is in fact merely a pawn to Galactus- a cosmic entity which must feed on life-bearing planets to survive! Catch the Fantastic 4 battle Galactus in Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Make way for the extraordinary,Keanu Reevesas he playsthe exorcist whose soul was condemned to hell. In an attempt to make terms with the almighty,Keanu took to deporting demons but he soon finds himself fulfilling God’s demand of self-sacrifice. Watch him as he joins forces with a police detective who is desperately in search of the truth. Catchthe duo as they struggle tobattle the demons on Earth in Constantine.


Moving away from the supernatural, don’t miss gratifying the heroic men whoput their lives on the line while fighting for justice.Catch the critically acclaimed Leonardo DiCaprioplayan undercover cop in The Departed, as he sets out to trackdown the mole in the Boston police department. With badges, guns and betrayal, this blockbuster has it all!


From the gangs of Boston to the slick British secret service, no one is as smooth as Agent 007. Catch Pierce Brosnan in his final role as James Bond in Die Another Day. With stylish anduber cool gadgets, this special agent battles aNorth Korean terrorist and diamond mogul, as he tries to defuse their plans to develop an international space weapon that could result in mass destruction.


This Independence Day, get ready as the Men of Honourgo beyond their call of duty to defend what is right.

MOVIES NOW celebrate the infallible spirit of heroes this Independence Day!


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