Navratri is that time of the year where we celebrate homecoming of Mother Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga stands for strength and highest form of womanhood. Her manifestation denotes courage and strength a woman possesses. She is sitting on a lion, which is the symbol of might and grace while her 10 arms stretch to grab the entire universe. She represents a modern day woman who is multitasking every moment while juggling between endless tasks and switching roles continuously. This Navratri IBN-Lokmat brings in ‘Navalotsav’ to salute ‘the Durga’ in every woman.


It is the time to interpret every festival in a contemporary way. In today’s world women are as active and as outgoing as men. They undergo stress and physical exertion each day. IBN-Lokmat takes this opportunity of Navratri to address health issues of women and provide valuable tips for the same. Apart from this IBN-Lokmat will also feature a special series ‘Amhi Durga’ which will highlight the stories of women achievers in the men dominated field of work.


IBN-Lokmat, is all set to add that extra energy and vitality to the ongoing festival through its meaningful celebration. With its unique lineup of shows throughout the nine auspicious days IBN-Lokmat presents “Navalotsav”, which will present the different shades of women. Stay tuned to IBN-Lokmat from 5th October 2013 onwards for real celebration of Navratri.